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Armadia Group

"Where Innovation Meets Precision"

Welcome to Armadia Group, where craftsmanship meets innovation on the forefront of the construction industry. Nestled in the heart of Istanbul, our state-of-the-art factory is a beacon of excellence, manufacturing bespoke Aluminium and PVC applications of every size and type with unparalleled precision.


But we're more than just manufacturers; we are the architects of turnkey construction solutions, seamlessly undertaking projects of all sizes. From concept to completion, we transform visions into tangible realities, creating spaces that inspire and endure. What sets us apart is not just what we produce, but how we redefine the industry's pulse. Our commitment extends beyond our factory walls – we are global facilitators of the construction realm.


Armadia Group fosters an international supply flow, ensuring access to top-tier construction materials, whether crafted by our skilled hands or sourced through our network of esteemed solution partners. In the dynamic landscape of construction, Armadia Group stands as a testament to ingenuity, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

"Meet Our Pillars of Excellence:
Hedef ConstructIon and UTK EXPORT"



Integral to Armadia Group, Hedef Construction is dedicated to turnkey construction solutions. Renowned for precision and a history of outstanding projects, we infuse expertise and innovation into every venture, consistently striving for excellence.


Our versatility shines as we embrace projects of varying sizes, from exquisite villas to modern apartments and beyond.


UTK EXPORT & Manufactuing

As a crucial element of Armadia Group, UTK Manufacturing and Export stands out for unwavering quality and reliability. Specializing in PVC and aluminum manufacturing, UTK is the 5th largest manufacturer within our facility, contributing significantly to our success.


Committed to innovation and excellence, UTK enhances Armadia Group's diverse manufacturing portfolio, reinforcing our leadership in delivering top-quality solutions globally.

Together, Hedef Construction and UTK Export embody the core values of Armadia Group, collectively driving innovation and setting new standards of excellence in both the construction and manufacturing sectors. Our vision extends globally, inviting partners to join us in shaping the future of comprehensive project partnerships, where we handle the entire process from design and production to shipping and installation.

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