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PVC Solutions

Imagine spaces bathed in natural light, seamlessly connected to the outdoors, and secured with elegant precision. At Armadia UTK, we craft architectural products that are not just functional, but transformative.

From expansive double-opening windows to secure lockable systems and versatile PVC sheets, our diverse portfolio empowers you to build spaces that reflect your unique vision.

You Desire, We Design & Produce.


Breathe Deep & Open Wide

  • Double Opening Systems: Let sunlight & fresh air paint your world. Expand your views, connect & breathe – effortlessly enjoy the full potential of space & light.

  • Parallel Sliding Systems: Maximize space, minimize effort. Effortlessly glide open large panels – your patio becomes your living room, your balcony, a serene haven.

Secure with Confidence, Style with Grace

  • Lockable Door Espagnolettes: Peace of mind meets sleek design. Robust configurations, from elegant levers to keyless entry, secure your home with a touch of sophisticated style.

  • Embedded Lock Systems: Discreetly secure, effortlessly functional. Hidden within your door, these systems provide superior functionality without sacrificing clean lines.

Details that Define the Difference

  • Window Door Hinges: Every swing matters. Smooth, silent operation in various styles & capacities – add a touch of quiet efficiency to every opening.

  • Espagnolette Counterparts: Precision meets security. Perfectly matched, ensuring effortless locking & unwavering confidence in your door's closure.

Beyond Windows and Doors

  • PVC Sheets: Unleash your creative vision. Vibrant signage, sleek partitions, stylish furniture – endless possibilities to shape your space.

  • Sandwich Panels: Strength, insulation, beauty converge. Superior weather resistance, enhanced thermal insulation, a sophisticated aesthetic.

Aluminum Elegance, Function Unbound

  • Aluminum Profiles & Accessories: Elevate your designs. From sleek railings to custom trim, open a world of customization & functionality.

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